Tuesday Randomness

AKA, Monday Menagerie a day late. =)

1. I really looking forward to getting out of work tomorrow, making a white chocolate peppermint cheesecake for Christmas Day, and heading to Mom and Dad’s on Thursday.

2. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve been obsessed with Lady Gaga lately. I adore her, and “Teeth” is my new fave song lately. It’s even my ringtone now. =P

3. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, it’s still embarrassing to be caught dancing around in the kitchen while cleaning when you think you’re home alone. =P (And yes, it was to “Teeth”. LMAO)

4. Why is it that I’m always craving sweets, but when I’m surrounded by cookies, chocolate and various other goodies, I want something salty and there’s none of that around?

5. Tonight is the Christmas part at the real estate office where Myles works. At least it’s better than sitting home.

6. On Saturday night, our DVD player pooped out on us so we had no choice but to get something…and because of that something, I will not move from the couch again. I will hire someone to bathe me and feed me rather than get up. I’m a TV whore as it is, but now that we have a Blue Ray player that we have our Netflix fed into…it’s bad. We’ve been watching The A-Team and Knight Rider and I’m in heaven. This is very, very bad. lol

7. Next week our best friends will be in town from Portland. Woo hoo! I get to spend NYE with my bestie. =)

8. I’m really bummed that Lady Gaga will be here at Purdue in a couple of weeks and I couldn’t get tickets. Sniff. And sadly, I can’t use any connections to get any. Blech.



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2 responses to “Tuesday Randomness

  1. fallon hadley

    White chocolate peppermint cheesecake! That sounds yummy. I’m gonna have to find that recipe.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. I’m with Fallon: White chocolate peppermint cheesecake—HOLY COW that sounds yummy, indeed.

    Merry Christmas. Hope you have a safe and happy holiday!

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