Monday Managerie with a Twist

It’s the first monday of the new year, so you know what that means… Time to set goals! I had a very unmotivated year last year, so I’m going to be doubling up on my efforts this year.

1. Pull ahead of schedule in editing. Way ahead. I’m slowly making it, but like I said, I’ve been very unmotivated lately. This HAS to change.’

2. Watch less TV. Yes, I know that one sounds stupid, but at our house, the TV is ALWAYS on. The hubby and I are serious TV junkies. This means I’m going to have to weed through some of the shows I watch and cut them out.

3. Move up into my office to work instead of always working on the couch in front of the TV. My husband did a wondeful job on my office upstairs, and I need to get back into the habit of working up there. Less distractions for me and I get a lot more done.

4. Quit screwing around so much. Yeah, that’s right. No more games on Facebook, which is my #1 distraction. I’maddicted to Cube Crash in the Mindjolt games and I need to stop. I’ll sit there and mindlessly play it while I watch TV…when I should be editing, answering e-mails, reading submissions, doing housework, etc.

5. Read more for pleasure. I started keeping a journal and from now on I’m going to write down every book I read. Yup. I’m going to make little emoticon notations by it to indicate how much I liked it. My goal is to fill the journal with names of books and authors. How long will it take? I have no clue. Years. And more years. But I miss reading for pleasure and I’ve been sooo far behind on current stuff it’s silly.

6. Eat healthier and exercise at least 3 times a week. This is something I’ve always been horrible about, and recently it’s been causing some issues, so I really need to stick to it. I need to weed the junk of out my diet, start cooking “real” food instead of stuff from boxes because it’s quicker and easier. =P

7. Get back into writing. Yes, I write. Well, not really anymore. I’ve been focusing on editing, and I miss writing, so I’m going to take a half hour out of every day and start getting some of the stories in my head out. Editing is still going to be my top priority, but I need to take some time out to do something I enjoy doing and maybe can earn a few bucks at. =P That’s always a bonus.

What are some of your goals for 2010?



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4 responses to “Monday Managerie with a Twist

  1. Sounds like a great list of goals for 2010.

    I haven’t thought much about it yet, but at a glance, I’d put less TV on my list as well. One other thing is running a half marathon. I’ve done it before, but haven’t in a couple years, so I’m going to try to do another this year.

    Here’s to a great 2010!!

  2. tak4

    There is no way I could run a half marathon. I’m just not a runner. I never have been. Kudos to you, though! I have a lot of respect for people who can/do.

  3. fallon hadley

    I would like to actually finish, from first page to last, at least one of my books that I have going.

    Lose weight, eat better, and excercise is on the list, but I know I won’t last on a diet.

    I must stay away from the internet so much. You know how it is. I’ll just check my email real quick, or look up this information and that’s all. Next thing you know, it’s an hour later and you have nothing accomplished.

    I would like to have more family time together. If nothing other than having dinner all at the same time and place. That has been a hard one for us this past year. Everyone going in diff. directions.

    And last but certainly not least, become more patient. It seems as I’ve grown older, the things that didn’t use to bother me is now nails down the chalk board to my system.

  4. tak4

    Oooh, family time brings a good one to mind for me. To go on a date with my husband once a month! =) It’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day life that you forget to do fun stuff.

    Tera K.

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