Happy Memorial Day!

Holiday weekends are great, aren’t they? I ended up taking Friday off work to make it a four-day weekend and headed down to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for Carb Day on Friday. It was hot and humid as hell, but it was still a good time. ZZTop played, watched the mini-race, walked around and drank beer and spent time with some friends who live down there.

Other than that, we worked a lot around the house. Today/this evening is the first I’ve really sat down and played on my laptop for anything, work or pleasure. I’m moving back into my office and getting some new furniture in there, so I spent a lot of time today getting rid of stuff and reorganizing. And I worked on the guest room, getting the trim painted. I have another coat of that to do and a border to put up and then that’ll be done and ready for the new furniture.

And I’m sure you guys really care about this, and it’s changed your life immensely, but that’s about all I have to talk about right now. LOL Other than my awesome new patio furniture and gazebo. It’s like adding a new room to my house!


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