Desperately Seeking…

The following genres:

1. Foodie books a la Lousia Edwards. I love her “A Recipe for Love” books, and I’d love to see some contemporary foodie books. And when I saw foodie, I mean I want the details. I don’t want books that contain food. =P If you don’t know anything about being a chef, catering, how a restaurant runs, etc. then you probably shouldn’t even think about writing a book like this. =)

2. Harry Potter with a twist. I love the world Harry Potter is set in, I love the wizardry, I love the fantastical story/stories. I would LOVE to see something like this, only with adults instead, since Samhain is currently not accepting any YA materials. And when I say adult, it doesn’t mean add a bunch of sex scenes into it. No, that’s not want I want. Heck, there doesn’t have to be any sex in it at all, but it needs to have romance in it. Come on, you can do it.

3. Stories with a Pagan theme/character/s. No, not the Harry Potter type of magic. And really not “magic” as people think of it as all. I want to see people following real Pagan and Wiccan traditions. Blessed be. =)

4. The ’60s. I LOVE the 60s. Whenever someone asks me when I feel I should have lived, I always answer the 60s or the 20s.  Give me Timothy Leary and Haight Ashbury, Grateful Dead, Janis Jopin, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix. Give me Woodstock. Give me the protests. Give me free love.

5. The ’20s. I love the 20s. Prohibition and flappers and gangsters….love it. There is a Purdue Bar in my town called “Harry’s Chocolate Shop” that is just steeped in history. Back during Prohibition, they turned it into a chocolate shop, but there was a trap door in the floor that led to an underground speakeasy. That same trap door is still there in the middle of the floor, except now they use the area for a cooler and storage. All of Harry’s shirts that you can buy say “Go ugly early.” The majority of people who see the shirts or don’t know anything about Harry’s think it’s some sort of drinking slogan. Nope….it was the password to get into the speakeasy during Prohibition. =)

6. Civil War/Underground Railroad/interracial. Oooh, this could really be a good one if done right. Gimme history, give me some hot loving between two people who shouldn’t be together during that time frame. I want to see how love can cross all obstacles…slavery, racism, war. Be aware when you submit me something like this, I’m a Civil War buff. Hint, hint.

7. The ’50s. Ah, the days of Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best. Where men worked and women stayed home to take care of the kids, clean the house, cook, and have a cocktail tell ready for their master…I mean husband, when they got home from work. Just think of all the neat things you can do with this genre. =)

8. Post-Apocalyptic/Doomsday. Do I really need to explain this one? *smile*

9. Serial-Killers/Cults/Etc. Did anyone say Dexter? Yeah, that’s what I want, baby. Dexter with more romance. Don’t look at me crazy, it can be done.

Note: One thing about all of the “historical” stuff I’m looking for…do your research and know the time period. I want to read the book and be immersed in that time frame. I want really history in it. That’s extremely important.



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7 responses to “Desperately Seeking…

  1. So wonderful to hear from you exactly what you are seeking. I’m fleshing out ideas for a magical book at the moment. What is your word count preference for this type of book?

    Bright Blessings,


  2. tak4

    My word count preference is however many words it takes to tell your story, whether it be 20K or 100K. =)

  3. Awesome! Still outlining, but this one’s a persistent creature and refuses to be ignored…I’m speaking of the story not myself. 🙂

  4. I want to read all the things you are looking for!

    I absolutely love Dexter and have been conjuring up ideas for a sexy Dexterish type story.

    I’d love to write books within several of your requests but none will be done anytime soon 😦

  5. I just shelved my foodie book to do a revision for my editor. It’s nice to know there’s some interest in that type of material, though.

    There are just not enough hours in a day. lol

  6. Hmmm… I have something pagan for you and it even has a little m/m romance thrown in. I’ll have to find your submissions guidelines and send it in.


  7. Interesting variety of subjects your looking for. I don’t know if you’d consider a modern day horror/sci-fi blend. The horror comes from encountering something that is and is not of this Earth. I’m in the middle of cutting it down below the 100,000 word mark. It’s sitting at 96,600 and still falling.

    Some of my beta-readers thought it reminded them of Lovecraft in how I built the tension and fear.

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