Lora Leigh Giveaway!

So, I attended RAW and the lovely Lora Leigh gave me some swag to head home with to share with you guys. Woo hoo! Right now I’m trying to decide on what kind of contest to do for it. I’ve got a couple of tote bags with a Breeder T-shirt, a signed copy of the wonderful Nikki Duncan’s book, Sounds to Die For, some book marks and HAWT cover flats, some Beth Williamson AWESOME rubber duckies….Oh yeah. Lots of little goodies. =) And I’ll be throwing in some other great stuff too. Do I perhaps see a B&N or Borders gift certificate in someone’s future? Or maybe some chocolates from the South Bend Chocolate Factory?? Mmmm.

So, hit me up with your ideas for a contest! Quickly! The sooner I get awesome ideas, the sooner I’ll pick on, and the sooner someone can win all these wonderful goodies!



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6 responses to “Lora Leigh Giveaway!

  1. Just skip the contest and just pick me! Saves you the trouble! LOL

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  3. Pamk

    you decided if it was me just pick a oommentor. I’d love to have went. Hopefully next year.

  4. Pamk

    I mean you decided. Trying to type and watch al/fl game not working out very well lol.

  5. maybe everyone should have to say exactly what they’d do with all their super-cool new swag. display it, share it…pictures and ideas of what would happen to it all. instead of letting it sit in a bag doing nothing. make the winner use it to promote..even if just within their own house to writer/reader friends…
    just a thought.
    or yeah… just pick b/w the first 4-5 of us to respond…fold up the names on a piece a paper and draw from a hat 😉 that would work, too, right?!

  6. Reanada

    Hi, any one of those gifts would help to feed my
    healthy (twitch twitch) book addiction.
    Whether it is the tote to assist with carrying or a gift cert to fill the tote….

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