It’s THAT time…

Oh yeah, it’s the day after Christmas and it’s that time. You all know what time I’m talking about. The time where you make your New Year’s Resolutions. No, most of us don’t succeed, but we still make them and try. At least, that’s how it usually works for me. So, here are some that I’ve been kicking around and would like to do…we’ll see how they’re turning out after a month or so into the new year. =P

1. Get back into shape.

2. Swear less.

3. Go through the house and organize, dejunk, and declutter.

4. Force myself to get on more of a schedule.

5. Be faster at reading submissions.

6. Blog regularly!

What are some of yours?



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3 responses to “It’s THAT time…

  1. I do this every year, make the list, make the promise…next thing I know its June and I have done NADA…You know what they say about good intentions!
    Mine are as follows –

    Quit Smoking!
    Walk More!
    Re-discover yoga
    eat less junk
    actively seek out new experiences to fuel my writing and to help me meet new people…

    That’s about it!


  2. I don’t really do resolutions, exactly. I do a theme for the year. 2010’s was Get My Shit Together. 2011’s is Finish My Shit. I have a HUGE stash of UFO’s (unfinished objects) and I want to a) list them and b) finish them.

    I try, when making lists and “stuff,” to focus on four areas of grounding: body, mind, spirit, space. This helps me make sure I’m putting energy toward the all-critical grounding activities that make the rest of my life run more smoothly.

    Perhaps, in 2011, I’ll be more successful at that! ~grin~

  3. betty

    I like your list. I’ll just watch to see how it’s done. Then next year if you succeed I start mine. You can’t rush A GOOD THING. GO GIRL!!

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