Monday Menagerie

1. The Grammy Awards last night were pretty good, but I have to say my favorite was Cee-Lo. Dude, awesome. I’ve decided I want him to father my children. Shh, don’t tell my hubby. Though, he’ll probably notice that something is up when they’re born. Unless I can convince him I have some secret, recessive African American gene. I’ll let you know how that pans out.

2. Lady Gaga. I adore her, really, but last night’s performance was “eh” for me. And the subcutaneous implants….really? I’m not digging them. At first I wondered if they were real, or some sort of makeup thing, but then when they showed her in the audience with the black hat and strapless dress, it looked like there were some healing wounds on her shoulder/collarbone area. Oh Gaga, really?

3. I’m finishing up edits today on a super-awesome book by Shelli Stevens…Seducing Allie. Let me say this, you must buy it for the hero. Clint is…well, damn, he’s HAWT! Really super duper hot. I want one of him.

4. Today is Valentine’s Day. Yes, notice I didn’t even think about it until number 4. Just not my thing. It never really has been, actually. Maybe if I had some crazy awesome romantic thing happen to me on V-Day I’d think differently. But, nope. My crazy romantic stuff has been not-so-romantic sounding for most people, and it’s been really random. Which I think is best…when you don’t expect it. =)

5. I’m trying a new receipt for dinner for a turkey breast in the crockpot. It uses butter, white wine, salt and pepper and onions. I didn’t have any onions on hand so I used onion powder instead. Yeah, I cheat. And that’s cheating in a way I don’t really like to cheat in, but oh well. I wasn’t about to go to the store just to get an onion. That would require real clothes. And socks. And shoes…and, well, leaving the house. I’m just not up for that today. I’d rather sit on the couch and work in my comfy cozy PJs with my Notre Dame fleece blanket, and my cats. Oh, and the hubby. Can’t forget about him over there across the room. Yup, he works from home too.


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  1. I had this crazy urge to go buy you a bag of onions and ship ’em, but then I wondered what USPS would think about a five pound bag of onions in a box. Sulfur traces… o.O… I’m the onion bomber!

    I’ve thought about this way too much. Happy Monday!

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