Something New – Tuesday Tutorial

So, I’m going to be introducing something called Tuesday Tutorial, where I talk about industry “stuffs”. I’m going to start next week, and I’m going to do a shout out on Twitter for items people would like me to talk about. I already have some ideas, but we all know everyone can always use more ideas. =)

What would you like to know/learn/hear about?


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One response to “Something New – Tuesday Tutorial

  1. 1. What “wow’s” you about a pitch?
    2. What do you look for in a pitch when you don’t have the opportunity to meet the author at a conference?
    3. What are some of the most common (and probably annoying) things that writers do that, if you could, you’d whack ’em all with a clue stick to get ’em not to do?
    4. What is different about reading books on an e-reader vs. in paper (for example, the chapter endings in a book had a lot of suspense, relative to an e-reader, because you had to turn the page). What, if anything, do authors need to do differently to keep their readers reading when writing in that format?
    5. What are some things the writer who wants to be a full-time author needs to know about how to approach their writing? Does frequency of output matter? Series? Subject?
    6. What are some strategies for promotion that you like to see authors do on their own? Conversely, are there things that authors do that you wish they wouldn’t, that might adversely affect their sales?
    7. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? And should milk chocolate be allowed to be sold?


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