Random Thoughts

1. Any way someone could make me a romance out of The Walking Dead? I’m obsessed with that show. Wait, what about Dexter? Pretty please? That would be awesome too. Ooh, what about Sons of Anarchy? I need a Jax in my life, please. Yummy.

2. It’s always feast or famine with my authors. I swear you guys all commiserate and decide when you can all submit to me at the same time. =P I went from having 4 to read to having like 10.

3. Can someone hire a maid for me? Pretty please? That would be the best Christmas/birthday/just because present EVER. I’m sick of doing housework. Why do I have pets? All I do is clean up cat hair, dammit.

4. I’ve been having the urge to go through the house and throw stuff away. But once I throw stuff away that I think I don’t need, I end up going to try and find it a few weeks later and then I’m ticked because I threw it away. Sigh.

5. I’m really excited about the books I am working on right now. I’ve got a hot wolf shifter in a government agency, a hunky hospital admin who works with children, a droid, and other awesome goodies. Have I mentioned how much I love my job?

6. Um, Samhain cover art rocks. I work with the art department so I get to see everything. Have y’all been to Samhain’s website lately and checked out the Coming Soon pages? Dude. Go. Now.


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