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Something New – Tuesday Tutorial

So, I’m going to be introducing something called Tuesday Tutorial, where I talk about industry “stuffs”. I’m going to start next week, and I’m going to do a shout out on Twitter for items people would like me to talk about. I already have some ideas, but we all know everyone can always use more ideas. =)

What would you like to know/learn/hear about?


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A Day in the Life

Wanna know what a day in my life looks like? Well, here’s yesterday for you. =P

5:20 AM = Wake up to go pee. Realize alarm is set for 7:47 AM and I still feel insanely tired.(I have a weird thing about setting alarms and will only set them on an end digit of 1, 3, 7, and 9). Reset alarm for 9:01 AM.

9:01 AM = Alarm goes off.

9:05 AM = Start coffee.

9:07 AM = Check e-mails to make sure nothing crazy urgent is in there.

9:15 AM = Drink coffee and make protein shake for breakfast.

9:16-9:45 AM = Exercise on bike while watching Sunday night’s Sister Wives on the DVR.

9:46 AM= Drink bottle of water.

9:47-10:00 AM = Shower and dress.

10:01 AM = Settle in to start work for the day.

10:30AM – 12:00 PM = Talk on the phone with the best boss in the word, Lindsey Faber.

12:01-12:05 PM = Make another protein shake and drink it.

12:06-1:15 PM = Answer e-mails, get caught up on the Twitter world, edit, read blogs, etc.

1:16 PM = Hubby complains that back is still hurting so I call to make him a doctor appt. for the afternoon.

1:17 PM = Head upstairs to put makeup on and attempt to look presentable.

1:25-2:00 PM = Edit.

2:01-3:30 PM = Take hubby to doctor, where I read submissions on my Sony Reader the entire time, then go to pick up all of his wonderful drugs.

3:31 PM = Arrive home and make some nachos for a snack before dinner.

3:33 PM = Hubby tells me that he forgot to tell me that we have dinner plans with a friend at 7:00. Great.

3:35 – 6:45 PM = Edit, answer e-mails, etc.

6:46 – 10:00 PM = Have dinner and drinks with friend.

10:01 PM = Arrive home and change into PJs.

10:02 – Midnight = Watch House and work on Content Editor Handbook.

12:01 AM = Go to sleep to read Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead.

And then, I wake up today to do it all again. Thank god, today I have NOTHING to do other than work. No dinner to go to, no hubby to take to the doctor…I don’t even have to change out of my PJs. Yeah, today is a MUCH better day. =)

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Desperately Seeking…

The following genres:

1. Foodie books a la Lousia Edwards. I love her “A Recipe for Love” books, and I’d love to see some contemporary foodie books. And when I saw foodie, I mean I want the details. I don’t want books that contain food. =P If you don’t know anything about being a chef, catering, how a restaurant runs, etc. then you probably shouldn’t even think about writing a book like this. =)

2. Harry Potter with a twist. I love the world Harry Potter is set in, I love the wizardry, I love the fantastical story/stories. I would LOVE to see something like this, only with adults instead, since Samhain is currently not accepting any YA materials. And when I say adult, it doesn’t mean add a bunch of sex scenes into it. No, that’s not want I want. Heck, there doesn’t have to be any sex in it at all, but it needs to have romance in it. Come on, you can do it.

3. Stories with a Pagan theme/character/s. No, not the Harry Potter type of magic. And really not “magic” as people think of it as all. I want to see people following real Pagan and Wiccan traditions. Blessed be. =)

4. The ’60s. I LOVE the 60s. Whenever someone asks me when I feel I should have lived, I always answer the 60s or the 20s.  Give me Timothy Leary and Haight Ashbury, Grateful Dead, Janis Jopin, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix. Give me Woodstock. Give me the protests. Give me free love.

5. The ’20s. I love the 20s. Prohibition and flappers and gangsters….love it. There is a Purdue Bar in my town called “Harry’s Chocolate Shop” that is just steeped in history. Back during Prohibition, they turned it into a chocolate shop, but there was a trap door in the floor that led to an underground speakeasy. That same trap door is still there in the middle of the floor, except now they use the area for a cooler and storage. All of Harry’s shirts that you can buy say “Go ugly early.” The majority of people who see the shirts or don’t know anything about Harry’s think it’s some sort of drinking slogan. Nope….it was the password to get into the speakeasy during Prohibition. =)

6. Civil War/Underground Railroad/interracial. Oooh, this could really be a good one if done right. Gimme history, give me some hot loving between two people who shouldn’t be together during that time frame. I want to see how love can cross all obstacles…slavery, racism, war. Be aware when you submit me something like this, I’m a Civil War buff. Hint, hint.

7. The ’50s. Ah, the days of Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best. Where men worked and women stayed home to take care of the kids, clean the house, cook, and have a cocktail tell ready for their master…I mean husband, when they got home from work. Just think of all the neat things you can do with this genre. =)

8. Post-Apocalyptic/Doomsday. Do I really need to explain this one? *smile*

9. Serial-Killers/Cults/Etc. Did anyone say Dexter? Yeah, that’s what I want, baby. Dexter with more romance. Don’t look at me crazy, it can be done.

Note: One thing about all of the “historical” stuff I’m looking for…do your research and know the time period. I want to read the book and be immersed in that time frame. I want really history in it. That’s extremely important.


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I Quit!

Yup, that’s right. I quit my evil day job last week. Well, I gave them my two week notice at least. =) My last day with them will be on July 8. Woo hoo! Time for a new chapter in life.

I was promoted last week to Assistant Managing Editor at Samhain Publishing and will be doing that full time from now on. Not many people get the chance to actually have their dream job full time ( instead of editing on the side like I was), and I jumped at the opportunity.

I’m really excited to get started full-time and get into the swing of things. I’m lucky that I’m with such a phenomenal publisher and working with such great people. =)


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I Updated!

Yes indeedy. I updated my “Books I’ve Edited” and “Coming Soon” pages. =)

On the Books I’ve Edited page, I took the thumbnail pics of the covers out. They’re too many of them now and the page is just going to get too big/long. So, if you click on the name/author of the book, it’ll take you to where you can look at the beautific covers our artists have created for your viewing pleasure!

Go forth, peruse, and buy!

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NaNoWriMo Time!

Now, I know you’re all busy bees this month, working on getting those 50,000 words out, right? =) And I know you’re all going to be submitting those stories in hopes your NaNoWriMo baby will be published, right? Here’s something to think about when you’re done…

After you’ve written it, gotten your story and all those words out, I know you’re going to be anxious to share it with the world. One word: DON’T!

That’s right, I said don’t. Don’t share it, don’t send it to a publisher. Let it sit for a little bit and then go over it again with a fresh eye. You should do this with everything you write, but especially with your NaNo story, since those are written so fast and you don’t have the time to plot and characterize. And then, once you’ve gone over it with a fresh eye, send it to your critique partner or beta reader.

Just like with anything else, it’s important that you put your best foot forward when you submit to a publisher and attempt to share your story with the world. You always want to send it the most polished, perfect manuscript you can. We editors like to see that. There’s nothing that will get you rejected faster than sending in a sloppy manuscript. You can have the best story in the world, but presentation is always very important. Always. Remember, you’re not the only one out there with a great story to share. =)

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Beat the cold and curl up with a Kindle!

Well, it’s pretty much time to officially say good bye to warmer weather and hello to the cold, wind and snow. Yuck! I’d much rather say hello to my pajamas, a fire, my comfy fleece blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a good book to read. Kind of like hibernation, only for bookworms. Well, we’re giving you the opportunity to do just that! Some of my authors and I have gotten together to coordinate a Kindle giveaway for you guys. That’s right, we’re giving away a Kindle, preloaded with a book from each participating author. How awesome is that!
Each day, starting November 16, I’ll be posting Holiday themed interviews with the authors, where you’ll get to learn interesting little tidbits about some of your favorites. And if you have any questions you’d like answered, feel free to post them in the comments for this post! I’ll be collecting your comments and questions until October 30, when I’ll then write up my questions for the authors.

In order to enter, all you’ll have to do is post a comment regarding that day’s author, and answer a scavenger hunt question for that author. All answers must be sent to and all post comments must be relevant. Which means, no comments of “Hi, So-and-so. Great post!” will be accepted. You must put forth the effort. =)

Stay tuned for a list of authors and the dates they’ll be on here!


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