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Friday Links

If this guy has his way, we’ll all be paying to look at news online. Seriously? I’m not diggin’ the though of that at all. And since his company owns MySpace, does that mean we’ll have to pay for that, too? Yuck.

Man, a midair collision. This isn’t something you hear of very often. So sad.

And from Pub Rants, Writing as a Business Part 3.

I know everyone has heard of the Google Settlement. And I know it’s hard to understand a lot of what is out there because of how “legal” it is, in terms of how it’s written. Agent Chip MacGregor posted this on the Google Settlement and I loved it. For those of you who haven’t read a lot about it. You definitely need to go take a look at this.

Here is a great tool…329 Writing Prompts. =)

Awful Library Books is a blog set up by a couple of librarians in Detriot who post the least borrowed library books. =P

Sony plans to adopt common format for e-books. Hallelujah!

Dan Brown’s latest book will release simultaneously in hardcover and e-book. How awesome is that?

Writer’s Digest has an article on how to weave in backstory to reveal your character. This is good, since so many use info dumps to do this since they don’t really know any other way.


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