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Beat the cold and curl up with a Kindle!

Well, it’s pretty much time to officially say good bye to warmer weather and hello to the cold, wind and snow. Yuck! I’d much rather say hello to my pajamas, a fire, my comfy fleece blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a good book to read. Kind of like hibernation, only for bookworms. Well, we’re giving you the opportunity to do just that! Some of my authors and I have gotten together to coordinate a Kindle giveaway for you guys. That’s right, we’re giving away a Kindle, preloaded with a book from each participating author. How awesome is that!
Each day, starting November 16, I’ll be posting Holiday themed interviews with the authors, where you’ll get to learn interesting little tidbits about some of your favorites. And if you have any questions you’d like answered, feel free to post them in the comments for this post! I’ll be collecting your comments and questions until October 30, when I’ll then write up my questions for the authors.

In order to enter, all you’ll have to do is post a comment regarding that day’s author, and answer a scavenger hunt question for that author. All answers must be sent to and all post comments must be relevant. Which means, no comments of “Hi, So-and-so. Great post!” will be accepted. You must put forth the effort. =)

Stay tuned for a list of authors and the dates they’ll be on here!



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Christmas was wonderful this year. Hopefully it was for everyone else, too. I had been disappointed that my uncle was having Christmas for the whole family at one on Christmas Eve, since Myles and I both had to work. But…we ended up getting out of work early…at about 12:30 and made it to South Bend by 3:00, after meeting and home and loading all of the Christmas goodies up. =) On the way there, my dad was texting me, asking me when we were going to be in town and such, so I lied and told them we weren’t leaving Lafayette until about 5:00. LOL When I texted that, we were about twenty minutes away from my uncle’s. So needless to say, we gave everyone a hell of a surprise when we walked in. =) They were all really happy to see us and it was great to spend some time with our whole family.

We woke up on Christmas morning and did presents and then later on the grandparents and my brother’s girlfriend and her daughter came over. It was a bit sad for a bit, since we couldn’t be with Doug, but he was able to call and talk to each of us, which was great, especially since there are so many soldiers trying to call home.

All in all, we had a great day. =) Lots of food and drink and sweets and good times with family. Couldn’t ask for any more than that. And I got good presents, too, but that’s not what the day is about for me. =)

All was great until leaving to go back home on Friday. I woke up with the flu. I’m finally starting to feel better now, but man oh man it was bad. Yeah, I even had to have Myles pull over a couple of times on the way home. Yeah, it was bad. Blech.

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Busy busy busy

And I’m pretty sure everyone else is, too. Especially since Christmas is Thursday. =) My weekend has been immersed in Christmas. Two Christmas parties yesterday and doing Christmas stuff around the house today to get ready to head up to  South Bend on Wednesday after work. I’m so excited. It’s the only time of the year that I get to go out and get stuff for people, and I love to watch them when they unwrape their presents. =) Especially Myles. I got him a couple of things I’m really excited about…hopefully he’ll dig them, but in case he doesn’t, I kept the receipts. LOL

Right now, we’re getting ready to go out on a date. Going to see Four Christmases and then to Olive Garden for dinner. =) We NEVER go see movies. Never ever. So this will be very nice. =) Plus, I’ve been aching to go see Four Christmases ever since I saw the previews for it. I love Vince Vaughn and if I remember correctly, Myles thinks Reese Witherspoon is hot, so it should work out nicely for both of us. LOL

Hopefully everyone else is rock on good for everyone else’s Christmas…or whatever you celebrate. =) Yule, Kwanza, Hannukah…doesn’t matter what it is you celebrate, it’s just a great time of year.

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Holiday Editing…

Is very difficult to do. There is soooo much to distract you from the task at hand. I just find that I can’t focus. I’m trying to right now, but I keep think about what I need to get and what I need to do today and before the holidays. =P I want to edit, I just…can’t. I spent all day today at my best friend’s house at her annual cookie party, drinking wine, eating, and decorating cut out cookies. I had a lot of fun…for the most part, and I know she’s reading this and she knows the smelly reason of the non-fun. LOL Now that I’ve gone to Hobby Lobby tonight and Myles has ordered the pictures, I’ll be able to start on my project….that I have to have done by Christmas Eve. Gar. It’ll be a push to get it done, since the pictures probably won’t be here until Wednesday or Thursday, but I’ll have have to spend every evening and what I can of next weekend on it, since we have a lot of holiday stuff going from here on out. Work Christmas party on Friday, a breakfast that our neighbors are having on Sautrday with a few of our neighbors. He’s a chef and there will be mimosas and Irish coffee, and great friends, so that’ll be a great time. And Saturday night we might go to a friend’s White Trash Christmas party. LOL You have to dress like white trash and bring something white trashy for the white elephany gift exchange. =) Should be great fun if we decide to go. We tend to play stuff like that by ear. I’ll try to post, but you all know how things can be during the holidays…especially the little thing called distraction. =) Hope all is well with everyone else and that your holidays are going as smoothly as they possibly can. =)

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Lost and Christmas cards

I borrowed the first three seasons of Lost from a coworker, since I’ve heard so many positive things about the show but have never watched it. I decided that I wanted to start watching when season five starts again in January, but I need to get caught up. =) I’m still on season one, but I’m digging it a lot. Heck, Myles has even been watching it with me, and he rarely likes to watch anything I like to watch, other than House. lol

Since I’m sitting on the couch and being idle today, I decided to start my Christmas cards, since it’s that time of year again. I’ve got about fifty of them to do, so it’ll take me a little while. Yeah, aren’t doing Christmas cards wonderful? I love them, but man, it’s a pain to sit down and do them all. =P

And once M and I have all of the Christmas shopping done, I’ll have the joy of wrapping the presents. And for those of you who know me, I absolutely stink at wrapping presents. It’s not a good thing. One year I bundled them all up in newspaper all messy like and slapped some tape on them and put them under the tree. Mom wasn’t so happy about that. LOL

Oh, and a Christmas miracle has occurred in my life (smirk). I now like popcorn. Cheesy popcorn.

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