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I’m irritated

Okay, I’m not one who normally gets “political” on my blog. But I’m watching the show 30 Days and I’m so irritated by the woman on here that I can’t keep my mouth shut. The show 30 Days, if you haven’t heard of it, takes a person who is on one side of a spectrum and places them in a household of a family on the complete other side of the spectrum for thirty days. The one I am watching is about gay adoption, so I’m sure you can figure out the two sides of the spectrum. So if you don’t agree with gay adoption or gay rights, don’t continue reading. =P

Five minutes into this and I’m sooooo annoyed and irritated with this woman. She is living with two gay men who have adopted four children. All were in foster care and had pretty much “aged out”, one child being a special needs child.

She is talking about how she feels very uncomfortable about how the kids are in bed sleeping and their are two men sleeping in the same bed down the hall, and that it’s soooo wrong. Grrrr. One of the dad’s also told this kids on their first day of school that it is their choice as to whether or not they want to tell people they have two dads. The woman was all disgusted because people shouldn’t have to tell kids things like that and kids shouldn’t have to make a decision like that and they wouldn’t have to if they grew up in a proper, right, Christian family. Um, how about this one…..they wouldn’t have to think about stuff like that if there weren’t people like you in the world!

It just really gets to me, how someone can tell another person how wrong it is for them to be in love, for them to make a life with someone. And the kicker is that she never even changed her opinion on her stance, not once. Most people who do the 30 Days thing end up being able to see something from the other side of the coin. They may not change their belief system, but they are a little more open minded about the other side. This woman, not a chance. Never once did she say anything positive.

It really saddens me to know there are such hateful people out there. She kept bringing up God this and God that. I may not be a very religious person, but I still have “beliefs”, and I just can’t believe that God could hate people for finding someone to share their life with, for finding their soul mate, their partner. I just have a hard time believing that such a “loving” God could be so hateful.


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I’m sure all know I watch a lot of TV. As a matter of fact, I’m always watching TV when I’m at home, even when I’m editing. Yes, I’m a sloth and I’m well aware of it. =) But I’ve been watching movies lately and getting caught up on what I haven’t seen yet. And one of those is Changeling with Angelina Jolie. Number one, I adore Angelina Jolie, and number two, the whole thing is based on a true story, and I love movies like that.

I’d never heard of this particular case, as in police case. I was AMAZED that it was a true story. But I guess what they say is true, that you can’t make stuff like that up. True life is always crazier than fiction. Every fiction idea stems from something in real life, I truly believe that. The fact that so many children, I believe they were all boys, could be taken and brutalized and no one ever figured it out is amazing to me. And the fact that the police even thought for a second that they could get away with replacing a woman’s missing son with a boy that wasn’t hers. Of course the mother would know the kid wasn’t hers, and the fact that the little boy refused to say anything different. The whole thing was mind-boggling to me.

It was a really good movie and Myles even stayed up for the duration of it, watching it, which means it was a good movie. His norm is to fall asleep during a movie. Even if it’s one he’s chosen. It’s gotta be a really good movie to keep him awake. =)

And in different news, pray for me. I’ve started keeping track of my weight and calorie intake, and it’s a pain. I’ve sucked today and yesterday at what I’ve eaten, but I know I’ll get there slowly but surely. I’ve got about thirty-five pounds I want to lose. And trust me, that’s a damn lofty goal. With twenty-five I’ll be happy, but I’d LOVE to hit the thirty-five marker. Now I just have to work on exercising instead of sitting behind my computer all the time. =P

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All sorts of randomness

Lordy, I have no freaking clue what to think after watching Lost last night. Is Charles Widmore good? Why in the hell did Ben kill Locke after Locke told him he was supposed to take the people to Eloise Hawking? I mean, um, Eloise was who Ben took them to. Yeah, it’s all confusing new. Heard an interesting theory about Jack being Jacob. I’ll have to look into that on some boards or something some more.

My EDJ is boring has hell lately. For some reason, my work has really slowed down, so there is nothing to do other than wait for people to find busy work for me, since work has turned into Nazis that only let us on the Internet during our lunch hours. Sigh. There goes reading all my blogs during the day.

I’ve taken up crocheting. My mom taught me how to do it when I was little, and I’ve decided that I need something to do while watching TV to keep me from being on my laptop. Seriously. I’m afraid it’s starting to fuse itself to my lap. It’s that bad.

I normally don’t touch religion on this blog, but this isn’t about my beliefs or any mumbo jumbo, as much as something that came up randomly in a conversation today at work. There is a Christian school in my town that in their science class, they teach that dinosaurs never existed. What? Huh? Um…..bones people, bones. Oh, and technically, dinosaurs are what makes your car run. I mean, for serious. Dinosaurs never existed? Are you on crack? Oh please, tell me where FOSSIL fuels come from then. Oh, and explain those big ass bones to me, too? Is it a government conspiracy or something? Do tell. *Laughing*


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Okay, so anyone else here a Lost fanatic? American Idol and Lost are the only ones I really talk about…and Grey’s Anatomy somtimes…but AI and Lost are really the only ones with conversational value. The rest of the 80 shows I watch I don’t really talk about or anything; I just watch them for my own enjoyment.

But Lost…oh man is there so much to talk about with Lost. A friend at work turned me on to the series and right before Christmas she lent me the first four seasons on DVD. I was hooked from the first episode. I love watching it and trying to figure it out.

The most recent episode really raised some questions that are going to need to be answered. Like, where is Aaron? We have absolutely no clue what Kate did with him. And what is up with him anyway? The first season made such a big deal out of him, but they’ve kinda let that one go. And it’s KILLING me. And with Sun going back…why isn’t her daughter with her? Ji Yeon was conceived on the island and technically left the island, so she should have to go back, right?

And why was Jin in Dharma gear? I’m sure we’ll find that out this week. And Locke…yeah, we all know he’s going to come back to life when he gets back to the island. The van Ben was driving him around in….the name of the company on the side was an anagram for Reincarnation. And why else would Ben have made the whole St. Thomas speech to Jack if Locke was going to just stay dead.

Yeah, it’s getting good. I’ve heard that a lot of questions will be answered this season, so we’ll see just how many are. Like, they’ve explained how the island is found, but they didn’t explain how it was found first, or why it was found. The history of the island is still a big question.

Ok, I’m done for now, but I’m sure I’ll be posting on it again Thursday morning. =)

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I’ve been bad

About posting on American Idol. Sigh. It’s my obsession and since I’ve been in the Winter Funk, I haven’t been sharing with everyone. =P

Now I must play some catch-up.

The only memorable thing about Hollywood Week was Tatiana. Yeah, she kind of stole the show so to speak. And not in a good way. I just wanted to reach through the TV every time she opened her damn mouth to smack her. God, was she annoying.

And then the first twelve sang. And most of them pretty much sucked. I was really surprised at how bad some of them were. The little blonde with the pink streak in her hair was freaking awesome and I’m really glad she got through. And Danny Gokey is my pick to win. I love his voice. And the fact that he’s kinda cute doesn’t hurt him at all. He was the only one I REALLY cared about getting through, but I didn’t really have any doubts that he would make it. He’s pretty much been a given.

I’m anxious to see what happens this week, even though I won’t care as much since my guy made it through. =)

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Lost and Christmas cards

I borrowed the first three seasons of Lost from a coworker, since I’ve heard so many positive things about the show but have never watched it. I decided that I wanted to start watching when season five starts again in January, but I need to get caught up. =) I’m still on season one, but I’m digging it a lot. Heck, Myles has even been watching it with me, and he rarely likes to watch anything I like to watch, other than House. lol

Since I’m sitting on the couch and being idle today, I decided to start my Christmas cards, since it’s that time of year again. I’ve got about fifty of them to do, so it’ll take me a little while. Yeah, aren’t doing Christmas cards wonderful? I love them, but man, it’s a pain to sit down and do them all. =P

And once M and I have all of the Christmas shopping done, I’ll have the joy of wrapping the presents. And for those of you who know me, I absolutely stink at wrapping presents. It’s not a good thing. One year I bundled them all up in newspaper all messy like and slapped some tape on them and put them under the tree. Mom wasn’t so happy about that. LOL

Oh, and a Christmas miracle has occurred in my life (smirk). I now like popcorn. Cheesy popcorn.

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The obsession starts soon

And most of you know exactly what I’m talking about. In January, American Idol is back. Woo hoo! I’m soo excited. lol I’ve heard they’re changing a lot around this year, including adding another judge, so I’m anxious to see how that goes. I’ve always wanted to try out, and Myles has talked about me trying out and supported it, but I think I missed my one opportunity, seeing as they were in Louisville, KY this time for auditions. And stupid me, I wasn’t even paying attention to where they were at and when. If they do a Season 9, I think I’ll pay more attention. Even given the massive popularity of AI, I can’t imagine that it will go on much longer. I hope it does, but this is Season 8, and most shows don’t last longer than that. But, who knows. The phenomenon that is AI just might go on for years to come. lol I can only hope, though.

I did hear that this year they’re cutting down on the amount of auditions they are showing, which kind of bums me out. One of my favorite things is watching the auditions and seeing all the whack jobs that try out. Some of them I feel genuinely sorry¬† for, but most of them deserve to be laughed at and probably know they’re going to be laughed at. Some people will do anything for fifteen seconds of fame. Sad, but true.

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