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Colters’ Woman by Maya Banks

I just finished reading Colters’ Woman by Maya Banks. And yes, that there apostrophe indicates that the heroine belongs to more than one man.

I enjoyed the story, but I did indeed have to suspend “reality” or “belief” or whatever you want to call it to do so. I mean, it was hot, no doubt, but I think it would have been hotter if the three men weren’t brothers. I mean…there were a couple of scenes of double penetration when all I could think about was “his balls are touching his brother’s balls right now”.

I don’t know what others’ thoughts on menages and more are, but for me, they don’t work unless the men are bi or the woman are bi and they’re all interacting. The three related men going to town on one woman and being in that close of a proximity to one another is just really far-fetched to me. But, I was able to get past it and enjoy the story. So much that I read it in one sitting in one morning.=)

There were a couple of nits I had, such as them manhandling her all the time and carrying her everywhere when she’s perfectly capable of walking, and how quickly she accepted everything. But all of that isn’t really a big deal. Books are supposed to be an escape from reality, and I know I’ve contracted some that to me are natural but other feel like they’re far fetched. It’s like that with everything, though. =)

Overall, this was a good book and I’d recommend it. =)


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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I just finished this one today at lunch. I’m making it a point to read more, since I miss reading as much as I used to. For pleasure that is. LOL I read all the time, but it’s usually for work.

I loved Twilight. I thought Stephenie Meyer did a wonderful job with the story and it had me absolutly entranced. It took me a minute to turn off my editor switch, since the writing is very simple, not at all what I’m used to reading, but once I got a couple of chapters into it, the story had me hooked. Completely and totally. I haven’t read a story that I’ve gotten so into (other than one I’ve contracted, of course) in a long time, so it was a really nice surprise. I’m sure a lot of you have yet to read it, so I want to talk about it without giving too much away, which can be difficult when writing a review. LOL

I was very unsure about Bella at first. I wasn’t connecting with her, but after Edward entered into the story, I found it much easier to connect with her as the story went on and her interaction with Edward heightened. Now that I look back at the story and really think about it, her reaction to finding out that Edward was a vampire was a little unrealistic. She accepted it too readily and easily. I mean, really, wouldn’t any normal person freak out a little? I didn’t even really feel any apprehension on her part.

And I felt a little sorry for Jacob. =( Poor guy. I’m still left with some questions about Billy. It seems like he gave up a little too easily, but I’m sure that will be addressed somewhere in the other three books. I know the issue with Rosalie will be resolved, as well, if you can truly call it an issue. I have to remember that this is just the first book of four. lol

Now I’d like to see the movie when it comes out on DVD and see how it follows the story, which is something I always like doing in a case where a movie is based off a book. I do know of one scene that I’ve seen just in the previews that doesn’t happen in the book, but a friend told me that the scene makes sense in the movie and has to be there for people who haven’t read the book. So, yeah, we’ll see.

It’s a book I recommend, so everyone should go out and buy it. =)


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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

First off, I’m going to warn you…lots of spoilers ahead. If you haven’t read the books and plan to, don’t read this. lol I’m serious.

I loved it. I’ll say that right off the bat. It had such a different tone than the other six books, which I did a general review on a while back. I wanted to wait to form my final opinion until after I’d read the last one, because you all know how the final book in a series can really change your view on the entire series. This one didn’t change my view of the series other than the fact that maybe it made me appreciate the rest a little more.

People who don’t write or critically read books probably don’t understand how hard characterization is, especially in a series like this where the character development is so crucial to the stories. In the final book, you see Harry, Hermione and Ron in such a different light. They’ve grown up so much, and if you didn’t realize in the sixth book how much they’ve grown up, you really realize it in the seventh one.

At the end of the Half Blood Prince (6), I was really disappointed. Supremely disappointed, but I had a feeling that the Deathly Hallows (7) would rectify a lot of what happened, i.e. Dumbledore dying, Snape killing Dumbledore, Snape really being on Volemort’s side, Harry feeling very betrayed by Dumbledore, etc.

The Deathly Hallows entranced me the entire way through, especially once you get to the end when the fight at Hogwarts breaks out and Voldemort ends up killing Snape for control of the Elder Wand. When Snape gives Harry his memories and Harry sticks them in the pensieve to see them, I was blown away by what he saw. J.K. did a great job at making you unsure of Snape the entire time and not entirely knowing what his motivation ones, and it all ties together very nicely after the memories and after Harry’s conversation with Dumbledore. It explained so much that I never even thought of or could have tied together. And being surprised like that was a very nice surprise indeed.  =)

The one thing about the book that I was unsure of, and you can’t really say it’s with the book itself, was the ending. J.K. Rowling went on record as to saying that the way she wrote the last book, the story couldn’t be continued. I spoke with my best friend and she and I are in agreement that we completely disagree with this. There are so many different ways in which she could continue the series using Harry and Ginny’s and Ron and Hermione’s children. Plus, just because Voldemort was killed, that doesn’t explain away the Death Eaters. What’s to say that a new leader couldn’t rise within them and take Voldemort’s place, therefore causing something else to happen. I don’t think she could pull another seven books out of it, but there are definitely still stories that can be told.

All in all, the series was perfect. I plan on buying it and reading it over and over again and making sure M and I’s kids read them. =) They’re books that will go down as classics and will be around for many many years to come. It’s a series I’d highly recommend anyone going out and buying and reading two or three times, or more. LOL


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