My latest obsession

I’m kind of ridiculous with music. Music + Books = My Life. I was watching Rehab with Dr. Drew on VH1 and during a commercial, they had a blip for a song. I heard the song for ten seconds and it was enough. “Bottom of the River” by Delta Rae. And it’s freaking amazing. The female lead’s voice is amazing. So unique. I immediately looked up the music video in its entirety and then I immediately bought the album. And the entire thing is amazing. Not a single song on it that I don’t like…which is an extreme rarity for me.

Watch, listen, and become as obsessed as me…hopefully. =)



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Something is wrong with me…

I can’t seem to finish a book anymore. Unless it’s for work, that is. And it’s not because I’m reading books that I don’t like or just can’t get in to. The problem is that I keep starting books, and then I find a new book I want to read, and do I want to wait until I finish the current book/s? No, I want to start it right NOW. And then I start it…and then I find a new book I want to read right NOW. Let’s just open my Kindle Fire and see what books I have in progress right now…

1. Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha = This is the most current one and I’m actually 3/4 of the way through it…I think I might finish this one soon!

2. What’s Left of Me by Kay Zhang

3. Crossed by Ally Condie

4. Lone Wolf by Jodi Piccoult

5. Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

6. Lamb by Christopher Moore

7. Hush by Anne Frasier

8. Evil Eternal by Hunter Shea

9. Who’s Your Daddy by Lauren Gallagher

And then there’s my nightstand…

10. The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe by Randy J. Taraborrelli

11. A Season of Seduction by Jennifer Haymore

12. Marilyn Monroe by Barbara Leaming

13. Salem Falls by Jodi Piccoult

14. How to Make Love Like a Pornstar by Jenna Jameson

15. The Iron Duke by Meljean Brooke

16. The Lure of the Wolf by Jennifer St. Giles

17. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

18. My Lobotomy by Howard Dully

19. Angel Time by Anne Rice

20. Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews

21. Dark Love by J.R. Ward

22. Perfect Match by Jodi Piccoult

23. Elizabeth by Randy J. Taraborrelli

See? And those are just the ones I’ve started! Not the PILES of TBR on my Kindle Fire and in paper. I have got to buckle down and finish reading all of these. No more starting new books until I’ve finished these. Perhaps no more housework until I finish them? No sleeping until I finish them? Maybe take about two years of vacation time to finish all my currently reading and my TBR? LOL

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What I’m Reading Wednesday

Other than submissions of course. =)

1. Double Down by Katie Porter. Loving this one. Um, it has a hot fighter pilot in it with a secret kink. What’s not to love?

2. Who’s Your Daddy by Lauren Gallagher. Completely unconventional love story. =)

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Random Thoughts

1. Any way someone could make me a romance out of The Walking Dead? I’m obsessed with that show. Wait, what about Dexter? Pretty please? That would be awesome too. Ooh, what about Sons of Anarchy? I need a Jax in my life, please. Yummy.

2. It’s always feast or famine with my authors. I swear you guys all commiserate and decide when you can all submit to me at the same time. =P I went from having 4 to read to having like 10.

3. Can someone hire a maid for me? Pretty please? That would be the best Christmas/birthday/just because present EVER. I’m sick of doing housework. Why do I have pets? All I do is clean up cat hair, dammit.

4. I’ve been having the urge to go through the house and throw stuff away. But once I throw stuff away that I think I don’t need, I end up going to try and find it a few weeks later and then I’m ticked because I threw it away. Sigh.

5. I’m really excited about the books I am working on right now. I’ve got a hot wolf shifter in a government agency, a hunky hospital admin who works with children, a droid, and other awesome goodies. Have I mentioned how much I love my job?

6. Um, Samhain cover art rocks. I work with the art department so I get to see everything. Have y’all been to Samhain’s website lately and checked out the Coming Soon pages? Dude. Go. Now.

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How to (Not) Make a Good Impression

I posted a Tweet today about how you only have one chance to make a first impression and it got me to thinking. I know I’ve said some of these before, but I’ll say them again, because I like repeating myself, and, well, it obviously needs to be repeated. =)

1. Spell my name right. If you Google me, you can easily find it. Heck, it’s on the Samhain website (along with a really flipping’ awesome baby picture of me. Oh yeah, I’m a cross-eyed gangsta).

2. Don’t have any typos in your email. This is always important, but lately I’ve even seen typos in querys from agents. Don’t trust spell check! I cannot stress that enough. The best thing to do when sending an important email, read it aloud before you send it. I have always found that to be the best way to catch my own typos.

3. Don’t send an email to someone who is no longer with the company. Please, do your due diligence. If a person hasn’t been with us for years and you’re sending us an email to their attention…

4. Make sure that what you’re submitting is even something the house publishes. For instance, don’t send me literary fiction, women’s fiction or YA. It doesn’t matter how phenomenal it may be, I won’t be reading it and you’ll be getting a rejection immediately because it’s something we don’t publish. And also, it doesn’t reflect well on you that you didn’t even look at our website to see our guidelines.  It’s all about research, guys.

5. Don’t tell me about your sex life. PLEASE don’t tell me about your sex life. I don’t want to know that you visited every BDSM club in a two-hundred-mile radius in order to ensure the accuracy of your book. And I really don’t want to know what goes on inside your bedroom.

6. Don’t send a generic letter and send it to multiple publishers at the same time. 

7. Don’t forward me the query letter you sent addressed to another publisher. You just might forget to change the names on it…

8. Please don’t send follow-up emails regarding your manuscript a week after you’ve submitted it. Any publisher’s website will tell you what their response times are. Let it get within at least that before you send anything. 

9. Don’t tell me your mom loved your book. Haven’t you ever watched American Idol?

10. Please don’t send me an erotic romance that you tell me is based on your life…and then top it off by telling me that your daughter proofread it for you. ‘Nuff said.


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New Reviews!

Taking You Home by Cooper Davis receives 5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs! See the review here. Buy the book here!

Shelter From the Storm by Samantha Sommersby receives 4 Cherries from The Long and Short of It! See the review here. Buy the book here!

Playboy Prankster by Pamela Britton receives 5 Hearts from The Romance Studio! See the review here. Buy the book here!

Need You Now by S.L. Carpenter receives 4 Cherries from The Long and Short of It! See the review here. Buy the book here!

Collateral Damage by J.L. Saint receives 4.5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs! See the review here. Buy the book here!


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Something New – Tuesday Tutorial

So, I’m going to be introducing something called Tuesday Tutorial, where I talk about industry “stuffs”. I’m going to start next week, and I’m going to do a shout out on Twitter for items people would like me to talk about. I already have some ideas, but we all know everyone can always use more ideas. =)

What would you like to know/learn/hear about?

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